Sunday, 2 February 2014

My worst enemy is food

If you don't believe food addiction is a real thing, you're wrong. I love/loathe food, whether I'm hungry or not. I get cravings like I did for cigarettes.
At least there was a patch for that.
I'll eat anytime. If I'm happy, if I'm bored, if I'm emotional. I have stuffed myself so full and painfully that I would need to throw up. I have taken classes on nutrition and coping with cravings. But it is so hard. To quit a drug or alcohol dependence, you can stay away from your vices. That doesn't work for me, every day I still have to put food into my mouth just to survive. There lies my problem. Once I make my first bad choice of the day, I feel like I can't stop.
So here is my commitment to myself.

  • I will try to be more conscious of my food choices
  • I will stop eating when I'm full
  • I will not hate myself if I slip 

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