Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Product review time!

 I live in a dry area of northern Alberta and so I'm always on the lookout for products that will repair and protect my dry skin.
I recently had a great opportunity to #getinthebubble and try Hydraforce cream by Lise Watier free through the Glamsense program.
In my box I got a bottle of face cream, and a sensor to test the moisture level of my skin

Before using the cream, my skin was fairly dry

In fact, I may have had a little too much fun testing, and retesting, my skin to see what the difference would be.

After applying, I waited a little while before testing again, but my skin did show some improvement!

As far as the product itself, I found it a little heavy on my skin. I found that my skin had to be damp before applying, otherwise it was too thick. I also found that the heaviness would last all day.
You definitely don't need a lot of product.
I also only applied the cream only once a day, even though twice was recommended. Using it twice a day helped to worsen an acne breakout for my skin.
There is a bit of a scent, but it is neither unpleasant or overwhelming in my opinion.
Seeing that this is a Canadian made product made me extremely happy.

I will be taking a little more time with this product to make sure I give it a truly fair chance,
but so far I don't think I liked the HydraForce well enough to make it my new cream.

If you want to #getinthebubble take a look at the HydraForce website for yourself

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