Saturday, 31 January 2015

Product review-Ooh-La-La Lavender Secret Outlast Clear Gel

I got Ooh-La-La Lavender Secret Outlast Clear Gel to try free from BzzAgent. It promises 48 hour protection, and it delivers. I put it to the test for a second day, and I stayed odour free! It promises to dry in seconds. While it's true that dries in under a minute, I didn't find it revolutionary fast. I did find it difficult to wash off in the shower, especially if it had been less than 24 hours. I'm not sure of my feelings on that much staying power.
The scent wasn't overbearing, so that was good.
I found that the top of the applicator dried over and made dispensing a little difficult.

In all, I was happy enough with the results.

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