Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Product review

So I received a free product to try From @influenster. Broadway imPress nails press on manicure.
I tried the short length set. I'm not fond of long nails, so I was pleased to receive those.
Once I had the proper sizes lined up, they went on really easily. Just peel and stick.
I was pleased that it came in two different shapes for a nail base that is either square or rounded. They stayed on well, none came off until I took them off.
At a glance they looked like a professional salon job, but they wouldn't pass an up close inspection.
I found the paint at the ends wore down within a couple of days.
Also, my own nails felt uncomfortable with the pressure of the press-ons for the first day, but it eased up.
Over all, I was "impressed" with my quick manicure, and will likely use them again when I want to change things up.

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